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HughesNet SureCall" Delorme Inreach SE

* Gen 5 is working great. We can finally do upgrades. Our purchase price still $500 (after $100 applied to monthly). Leased equipment standard installs are free.

Target Speeds on all plans 25Mdown/3Mup. But running in 40s. New customers get all promos. Existing people only one.

*Seaport as a VAR for Hughes Business has varied plans and service not available from other dealers.

Seaport Tel is a Hughesnet Business Dealer fully licensed for satellite installs by the State of Alaska with all installers certified and with badges.

Globalstar Sat Phones

. Back to Great.
. We can have your phone turned on for a 2 week demo.
. Great deals on new phones
. Prepaid is now an option

Nightshift Seaport Hotspots

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Wireless Hotspots

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Network Innovations Associates Commerical Grade Internet

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