Seaport Tel was a name change in 2001 from SkyTalkwest which introduced internet cafes to Alaska and the Caribbean starting in 1996, primarily to serve cruise ship crew members with calling stations, money transfer, and desktops at the time. The company eventually owned up to 20 locations with up to 30 computers each; and about 500 payphones in SE Alaska, St. Thomas, Seattle, Vancouver, Ft. Lauderdale, Whistler and Fairbanks. 


The company also placed Globalstar satellite units on the AMHS ferries to operate payphones aboard. Technological innovations outstripped the desktops, Moneygram, payphones, and phone cards by 2012 and the cafes were shuttered. Installing and using Intellicom satellite service and Seaport at several underserved domestic and international ports led Seaport management to the forefront of the Open Skies program in Alaska, rolling out about 850 subsidized sites throughout Alaska, starting 2011. 


Starband quit the residential side in 2015 and most customers were switched to Hughesnet. The preferred carrier right now with the new Gen 5 Service on Echostar 19 running at about 45M down. Seaport still does installations and repairs for Sagenet at Post Offices, Wells Fargos, Walmarts and other enterprises; and partners with Network Innovations Associates for iDirect sales and service where Gen 5 has no footprint. Garmin InReach, Globalstar Satphones, Microtik Routers, managed Hotspots, Dishnetwork and Direct TV are other lines. Seaport leads all other Alaska dealers in Gen 5 installations at this point. The willingness to do technically difficult installs in very remote locations many times requiring on site generation of power, battery backups, wireless point to point, fiber connections, underwater cabling, and imaginative sitework has led to stellar reviews. Viasat Internet recently asked us to be their installer/repair company for all of Alaska. 


Seaport leads all other Alaska dealers in Gen 5 installations at this point. Seaport is licensed by the State of Alaska for all satellite installs #tel:113315



USPS: POB 5192 Ketchikan AK 99901 

UPS/FEDex: 320 Bawden Street Ste 516


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AT&T Wireless...

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